Thursday, March 26, 2009

where french fries come from

On Thursday mornings, I and a few of my friends from graduate school volunteer at a place called the Ark. I must say--sometimes, when your experiments aren't working and you're getting burnt out in lab, there is nothing like Play Doh, story time, and a hug from a four year old to brighten your spirits.

Recently, the kids at the Ark have been learning about ways that we can take care of ourselves. This week they are learning about healthy foods. Healthy foods give us energy and make us strong! :) Unhealthy foods make us tired so we don't have the energy to play. :( I was extremely impressed when Miss Sandy called on A. to tell us about unhealthy foods, and she immediately proclaimed, "We don't eat too much candy, we don't eat too much soda, and we don't eat too much snacks!" I think the girl has it down.

Also during circle time today, Miss Sandy took out a bunch of different plastic foods to have the kids pick out which one in each group did not belong. The first time, she took out an apple, a pear, french fries, and a tomato slice.

"Apples grow on trees," she told them, holding up the apple before putting it on the floor. "And pears grow from trees too," she said, holding up the pears. Then she held up the french fries and made a puzzled face. "I don't really know where french fries come from, though," she said.

She was going for the fact that french fries are not healthy and also do not grow out of the ground or on trees. The kids, though, immediately bounced up and exclaimed, "They come from McDONALD'S!!"

Don't you worry, Miss Sandy--we know where they come from!

And you know, technically they're right.

Also, in case you were wondering, bacon comes from Chick-Fil-A ;)

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