Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hopkins press release: New Hope for Cancer Comes Straight From the Heart

I had the opportunity to write up a press release for the Hopkins media relations office, and the link to the piece is here. I enjoyed it, and it was definitely an interesting experience to try to write something that was accurate and informative, without being either too technical or too broad of a summary. I have the urge to point out particular paragraphs and say, "I wrote that one!" but I'll restrain myself ;)

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The bean-mom said...


Congrats on the press release! I mean to someday get around to my own institute's press office and volunteer for experience in that area... Sounds like you're really working to get some valuable experience in science writing before you graduate! (kudos).

By the way, my current lab is very interested in the role of HIF-1 in tumor angiogenesis... so thank you for the tip-off to this work =)